Sunday, May 25, 2008 exhibition of my paintings,
& photographs by Bob Nelson
at the
Noosa Regional Gallery,
Sunshine Coast, Qld

Friday 30th May 2008
from 6pm..... all welcome!

All the work has been inspired by the compelling photography of
Bob Nelson, a dear friend and intrepid explorer/photographer, whose
amazing captures of these people and many more, will be exhibited
together with my paintings. The exhibition will continue until June 29th.

For further information, and prices, please contact the
Noosa Regional Galleryemail: or tel: 07 5449 5339
1. 'Karo Girl...The Bead Maker' Sold30 x 30cm
This painting was auctioned, all proceeds going to
The School of St Jude, Arusha, Tanzania

2. 'Turkana Tribal Woman' Sold
56 x 45cm

3. 'Cover Girl' Sold45 x 45cm

4. 'African Madonna'
40 x 30cn $420 AUD Sold

5. 'Looking Back' Sold
40 x 30cm

6. 'Afar Girl...The Milk Carrier'
50 x 40cm $580 Sold

7. 'Christian Girl' Sold
45 x 45cm

8. 'Serious Face Paint'
45 x 45cm $580

9. 'Sunday's Child' Sold
40 x 30cm $420

10. 'African Style' Sold
40 x 30cm

11. 'Ethiopian Priests' Sold
50 x 40cm

12. 'Big Brother' Sold
75 x 55cm

13. 'Afar Dancing' Sold75 x 55cm

14. 'The Chief's Wife' Sold
56 x 45cm
This painting was raffled, all proceeds going to
The School of St Jude, Arusha, Tanzania

15. 'Gate of No Return' Sold
61 x 51cm

16. 'Dassenech Girl'      SOLD
50 x 40cm $580

17. 'In An African Market'
50 x 40cm $580 Sold

18. 'Sunset Spirit' Sold
61 x 51cm $800

19. 'Desert Wanderer' Sold 61 x 51cm

20. 'Himba Woman' Sold
50 x 40cm $580

21. 'Zambian Innocence' Sold
50 x 40cm $580

22. 'Split Personality' Sold75 x 55cm

24. 'Sisters' Sold
50 x 40cm $580

25. 'Ceremonial Charmer' Sold
61 x 51cm

26. 'The Market Gardener' Sold
50 x 40cm

27. 'The Basket Seller' Sold
50 x 40cm $580

28. 'Stone Church Priest' Sold
61 x 51cm

29. 'Somewhere in Mali'
61 x 51cm $800

30. 'Stolen Moments'
50 x 40cm $580 Sold

31. 'Pink Turban' Sold61 x 51cm

All paintings are oil on stretched canvas, sides painted,
and framed in a simple black shadow box moulding.

The night before the Official Gallery Opening you
are invited to attend the private opening sponsored by
Rotary on Thursday May 29th from 6pm. The cost per
person will be $20 includes supper and a ticket for a
door prize..... one of Bob's fabulous photos printed on
There will also be an auction and raffles of photographs, two
copies of Bob's newly published book...'Africa - Face to Face',
and two paintings (see above). All proceeds from door charge
plus these items will be donated to The School of St Jude, Tanzania.
Please phone Ann Hills for your tickets to this special evening...
Tel: 07 5447 3676 or email: